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Teacher's Day big card sent together in those years

Teacher's Day big card sent together in those years

Hello everyoneWelcome to salsa hand made i'm salsaTeacher's Day is comingLet's make a Teacher's Day card togetherFirst take out our yellow sikafoldThe base is complete with XDCan be slightly assisted with a utility knifeThen fold the green Dandy paper in halfTake out long ruler and compassCompass measures a radius of about 12 cmDraw circles on paperCut offOn the same centerDraw a circle with a radius of 1 cmAfter drawingFold the circle in halfCut with a utility knifeYou get two semi circlesTake out 8 open white cardboardMeasure a radius of 13 cm with a compassDraw circles on white paperCut offSame on the same circle centerMarked locationTake out the compassDraw a circle with a radius of 1 cmOn the same centerUse a utility knife to carefully cut our small circleThe turntable is completeTake out the base and turntableAfter measuring the positionDraw small circles where appropriateAnd the position of the side wheel.Then carefully cut out our small circle of 1 cm radiusTake out the green remaining paperMeasure a circle with a radius of 2 cmDraw on paperCut offOn the same centerDraw a circle with a radius of 1 cmDraw 4 diagonal lines on the circle with a pencilCut along the diagonalFold both sidesTake out our turntableFold both sides into a V shapeStuffed into our 1 cm circleWill run out like this with a bowGlue on the other sideTake out our baseTry turning the turntable into a small hole in the baseTry it outCut our turntable position after OKYou can cut a straight lineThis makes it easier to turn the dialAssemble the turntable into the substrateTest it and see if it worksOK after that take out our green semicircleAccording to the one-centimeter semicircle just drawnCut out an arcUse double-sided tape on our substrateBe careful not to stick it to the turntableWant to skip himAfter you're done writingHere is the word on the blackboardSo you can create freelyAnything you want to writeAfter we 』re done, let ’s wipe the paintbrushThe part of the eraser on the right is responsible for erasing the partAfter drawing the eraser we cut it outTake out the cutting pad in the middle and cut it slightly with a utility knifeJust insert your hand like thisAs if holding a wipeGlue the part of the hand to the bottom of the other semicircleTake out the substrate and apply glue to the organPaste our semicircle on the organTest it and see if it worksThe next part is the decorationTake a piece of white paperAfter cutting the sizeDraw another circle of 12 cm radius on green paperAfter cuttingOn the premise of covering handsFold upCut outCut out our semicircleThe smaller onePainted on our white paperThen cut offAfter cutting, stick our upper part to the baseFold the lower partCut offTry to see if it worksTrace the shape of the lower half circleStick to avoid that partHere I decorated with paper tapeCut out the excessDraw a dollCut offStick under the handThis way our card is 80% completeNext is the final decorationWe put some small stickers next toThe parts inside are covered with yellow paperThen stick it with scotch tapeCut off the excessFinally write a signature messagePut on some stickersThe whole card is done.Everyone in the class writes a big Teacher's Day cardGive it to the hard teachersLike this videoPlease click a likeSalsa wishes happy teachers day to all the teachersIf you want to continue to follow, welcome to subscribe to Sasa's channelSee you next timeBai Bai

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Teacher's Day big card sent together in those years

Hello everyoneWelcome to salsa hand made i m salsaTeacher s Day is comingLet s make a Teacher s Day card togetherFirst t...

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