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Today we invited Grand elder's student (Po Sui, Grand Chief of Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town)Teach the recipe of "Non-stick royal egg pudding." (osmanthus egg)50g starch, 60g sugar5 YolksAny salt while stirringNeither salt or sesame oilFirst, add sugar to the well-stirred yolksAdd water to dissolve the starchKeep stirring, carefully check the color of yolksKeep stirringAdd about 250g waterWhat's the perfect state?yellow is best, improper stirring result in the ivory colorWe need to hold a bit viscositybut too thick is also not desired.Much thinner than rice pasteHow do you deal with the yolk bubbles(Carefully pick out the bubbles by stick)Let's start.

Preheat the pot then add oil(lubricating the pot with oil)Great workNiceCheck the oil temperature. (small oil bubbles on the surface without smoke)Then pour the yolk. Check fire states.Keep small flameUse the small flame to warm the potCarefully stirringPerfect viscosityWhat means Non-stick?

Proper viscosity result in non-stick with both the pot and the cooker at the beginningThe best osmanthus egg non-stick with the teeth, the plate, and the tableware when servedPut pot out of the flame to cool down a little bitAdd some oil to lubricate the surface of osmanthus eggBe patientUse ladleScratch the yolk left on the side of the potYolk on the side may produce black particlesA simple pathYou can transfer osmanthus egg to another potafter the shape of osmanthus egg fixedThis time we use only one potThe most pivotal and the hardest partis the beginning partScratch osmanthus egg from the side of the pot completelyin case of burnt particlesBe patient at the beginningOsmanthus egg may be separated in several parts at the beginningand get together as cookingYou can use kitchen paper wipe out the osmanthus egg left on the sidePrevent burnt partsBecause we want our osmanthus egg clean and prettyNow we can step in the next stageAdd a little bit oil to lubricate the osmanthus eggEggs perfume is outEssentially scrambled egg with sugar(Laugh)Now you seeAll parts start to stick togetherSlowly push ladle and use oil lubricate the surface of osmanthus eggPush forward instead of back and forwardCare about the splash oildo not splash oil on others too(Keep pushing)Good jobJust like osmanthus egg dance in the potLeave the pot out of the flame to prevent overheatCooldown a little bit and add oilWipe and keep pushingIt is hot, right?Not at allI'm enjoying the processIf you mind I turn off the air condition?MercyThat's crucialAlmostAdd a small amount of oilto lubricate the osmanthus egg's surfacePerfect osmanthus egg result in glittering surfaceThe secret is patientGradually add a small amount of oil several timesAdd too much oil result in the split of osmanthus eggStill sticky with the ladleKeep pushinguntil the osmanthus egg becomes "non-stick"Grand elder really a cooking masterThat why I called "grand elder". (smile)the osmanthus egg surface begins dry outadd some oil to lubricate the surfaceWarning: The splash oil is hot, keep safedon't let the oil splash on youWhat's kind of sugar we use?

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Icing sugar or other white sugarBut caster sugar dissolve slowly than icing sugarBe patientSpeed up pushingThis dish test the patient and endurance of the cookThe pushing process takes about 10 minI keep pushing the osmanthus egg during this 10 minAlmost non-stickStick osmanthus egg is not desiredFinal pushUsually, the osmanthus egg won't stick on the plateBut you can spread some oil on the plate to prevent the osmanthus egg stick on your platePerfectGood jobGrand elder first!That non-stickStick neither on the chopstick nor plateWhen chewwon't stick on your teethThat the famous "non-stick royal egg pudding" (osmanthus egg)Hope you can cook your own osmanthus eggThanks for watchingI'm the grand elderI'm the second elderI'm the third elderWe are LaofanguWe honor to teach friends cookingShare some tips and secretsHope you can enjoy this video just like enjoy the dishesDon't forget to subscribe usWish you all the best

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