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Today, I will introduce a bag that I think is coolNew brand in TaiwanBURONThey also did very well in fundraising.Then let's take a quick look at every detail of itFirst of all, you see this whole square shapeI think it ’s so beautiful to carry itYou can see how he felt on his backAnd he was very handsome on his back.Very neat because his entire line is more founderLet ’s go straight to see the best and most exciting part of his bag.We will take a lookof courseHe has a lot of detailsBut let ’s see him firstThis function is really for everyThose who have studied photography are a great thingThis grid layerWe used to put lenses and camerasAre very convenientNow cameras are getting smaller and smallerThe lens is getting smaller and smallerThen you are not a professional photographerSeparation like thisIn fact, when you organize and store things,It's also a great and useful thingAnd because when you openYou do n』t have to flip all the way from top to bottomIt can be opened directly to pick what you wantWhat's the bestIts design is very smartThat is, when opened from aboveYou can see it is two great storage spacesIn other wordsUsually when you take things and collect thingsVery convenientIt has two places that are completely divided.

And the net allows you to fix thingsSo in terms of storageIt's almost perfect this sizeOf course you would like to sayWhere do I put my computerUsually carrying this bag will definitely bring a computerLet everyone take a look at its computer designComputer bag designsideAnd this side of its computer bag has thickenedThis piece is quite thickSo you can protect your computer very wellYour laptop will go in from hereIt can put down a 15-inch laptop without problemsAnd its size is just rightThen you would say that you accidentally fall out when you put it inDon't worry about something to protect hereAfter you put inIt does not fall out easilyLaptop and main storageJust these two thingsAlready made me very temptedAnd I really like this bagBut it does n』t stop there.You can look at the strap on the backThis is their patented technology is an air cushion decompression strapThen they sold this strap separately beforeBut this time he made him directly on this bagSo it is equivalent to say that this bag has various BURON technologiesWhat about this decompression suspension bag?I have tried to carry a few grapefruits.Anyway, I stuffed a lot of stuffThen stuffed some hard drivesLet's test that it really makes your shoulders a lot more comfortableJust it won't you feel something hold you backOf course you still feel a little bit of weightYou can't completely feel the weight because of gravityBut the point is that this bagWhen it's pressing on your shoulderYou do n』t think it feels leI think this is a very important functionHere comes their raincoatI said I'm in TaiwanI really need a raincoat very muchBecause your bag material is waterproof againThere must be a seam on the side of the carEven if he uses re-waterproof materialsWater may run inSo only raincoats can be truly waterproofWhen you carry a very expensive computer in your bagVery expensive cameraOnly this waterproof raincoatTo really protect your 3C products.

There is a small bag over hereLets you cache the part aboveThen there is a cache bag on the sideThat is to open from hereYou can take the bottommost thingThen on the other side there is a cached storage bagYou can put a kettle next to the cardOk do you think i'm donenot yetIt also has a cool featureI have tried to speak as quickly as possible. It has too many functions.I'm afraid you don't have the patience to finish readingFinallyThis front panelIs detachableI think this design is really coolIt should have more different types of panels in the futureLet's remove this front panel firstBy the wayYou see so many zippersYou will definitely thinkdryWhat to do if the zipper is brokenDon't worry it's all YKKSo very durableYKK can be regarded as another light of TaiwanAfter removing its panelYou can change this extra toilet bagThis toiletry bag hasSuper multiple layers of various nets and then hooksThen there is another layer to storeIs a big bag for toiletAfter adding this thing, its capacity can be upgraded again.It ’s just a snap on the zipperOne zipper on the headJust lock itThen there is a zipper hereI should n』t take this close-up for everyone to seeAnyway, it's full.

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Just put it on with a zipperJust put it in like you pull the coatSo it's pulled upThen put this into this postComplete this modificationThen you have another toilet bag and more spaceThen you can adjust according to your needsSometimes just in the city you do n』t need that much spaceJust use this thinIf you say that when you travel abroadYou can add another toiletry bagThe available space will become much moreThis is the quick unboxing of today's BURON backpackI probably found that I was speaking quickly and urgentlyBecause it has so many featuresI'm afraid I'll slowly talk about this video and take too longLet me quickly let you know the basic detailsThere are also many details we will be in our unboxing articleLet ’s take a photo one by oneOverall I really think it is aVery practical and very nice size bagThen you can see the actual back feeling and appearance on our screenIt is neither too heavyBut its capacity is very sufficientCan put your camera on your computerSo overallI really think it is a bag that is highly recommended for everyoneOkay then like thisBreak with both handsThis is how it feels when wearing this strapI feel pretty goodThis feels a bit canvasrecommendBy the way recommend this strapStay tuned for our next episode of review out of the boxWe will talk about the function of detailAnd real feelingsRemember to lock the GUSHA channelBreak with both handsit is goodI think the screen film on my frontI won't tear itBut everyone can take a lookThis whole golden feelBecause we only have blue gloves on siteYou can ignore itThe golden treatment of the entire borderStill very beautifulI think girls are really invincible to take goldIt really is on youA very, very dazzling accessoryYou can see the processing of its lens frameBecause it uses shiny glassSo this block of itIt actually looks like a sense of transparencySo the whole light color feelsThis piece of glass looks a lot like transparentIt feels different from darkThis is a dark feelingThis is goldenGreen partAlthough its frame is said to be metalBut because of the green colorNo way to show golden textureBut we see on the golden topIts golden circle is very obviousI can only say expensiveReally expensiveGold is very expensiveI think golden is like thisThe first one is perfect for girlsThe second is that it has a boutique feelIs it with your LV bag or Hermes bagWhen I put it together, I felt very goodAnd in fact many girls mayThere is no way to buy such an expensive bagBut i believeBuy a phone with more than 40,000 piecesStill more practicaliPhone 11 of courseCompare the colors of young girlsIf you are a girl with a young heartI think it ’s more youthful11 is also OKIn the next episode, we will help you out of the box.New colors for iPhone 11Purple and greenit is goodThis is probably how it feels to be goldenProbably like thisToday's speed is out of the box.We will arrange a series ofiPhone 11 ProAll Pro Max ReviewsIncluding cameraIncluding what the screen looks likeIncluding its accessoriesIncluding every feature of itAnd iOS 13 ReviewsSo remember to lock our GUSHA channelWe will do our bestThe best related iPhone reviews for everyoneOk that's itBreak with both handsThis year should be a lot of people going from iPhone 6S PlusSwitch to the latest iPhone 11 ProLet's take a look at the weightThe difference with its entire feelActually when the iPhone 6S PlusWeighs only 192 gramsActually starting with XS MaxThe weight is increased a lotIn fact, it feels quite obvious when you hold it in your handThe thickness has also increasedThis 220gBy this year's iPhone 11Has reached 223 gramsSo is it possible that it will get heavier?I don't think soIts weight should be controlled atWithin this rangeMaybe it will find a wayMake it thinnerAs for the whole feel,I think the difference is actually small.

Just say iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS MaxSlightly thickerBut it is using the aboveOperation and feelI don't think it's much worseThe only difference may be that this piece was originallyThere is no picture on the iPhone 6S PlusThere will be pictures nowAs for the first half,I think there is no differenceBut you can see when you are displayingScreen in upper halfBut for your fingerWhether it's 6S Plus or XS MaxYou do n』t need to use the top of the screenBut the following one became usefulBecause there was nothing in this piece beforeNow this piece becomes oneNew operating spaceSo I thinkAfter upgrading to a full screen phoneExcept when you use it horizontallyYou can watch videos or play video more comfortablyThis is the original horizontalOutside it is actually belowYou also added a clearer areaIt's not hard to see whyiPhone dares to make such a ugly fringeDo on topBecause in fact the top is the new one and the old oneIn fact, there is no visionFor users, the failure to achieve full screenI do n』t think it ’s very disturbing.Just make it look goodSo I think it's okProbably shortCompare the iPhone 6S PlusWith iPhone 11 Pro MaxFeeling picked up on the handI believe many people want to see this pictureBecause this year, many people should start from this branch.Replace thisit is goodThat's itBreak with both hands

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