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New accommodation will become a laboratory for future hoteliers In Hong Kong

The newly opened hotel near Tsim Sha Tsui East in Hong Kong on September 21 is truly unique.

The Hotel ICON is owned by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and helps to educate students in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. But this is not a bare facility. Top architects and designers such as Terence Conran and Vivienne Tam were hired to create restaurants and suites, and the general manager came to the hotel from the Shangri-La Luxury Hotel Group.

With private member restaurants, open-air swimming pools and Angsana Spa, hotel guests may never realize that they are part of their learning experience. However, the school's 100 interns will receive on-the-job training and guidance together with professional hotel staff.

hong kong hotel family room - Camlux Hotel offers spacious family rooms for up to three guests.

In order to promote the future development of the hotel, three of the 262 rooms are prototype rooms that will be completed soon, which will contain products and components from three research areas: design, innovation and lifestyle. During check-in, guests will be asked if they want to stay in one of the rooms (if any) to help "test drive" the room equipped with the concept of PolyU Design School and new technologies such as web teaching mirrors, interactive computers, etc. Smart mirror that connects to the Internet and displays news, weather, and other information. The guest promises to fill out the questionnaire in the future. The prices of these rooms are the same as ordinary rooms-this is a for-profit hotel-the data collected will be used in school research.

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