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Teacher's Day big card sent together in those years

Teacher's Day big card sent together in those years

Hello everyoneWelcome to salsa hand made i'm salsaTeacher's Day is comingLet's make a Teacher's Day card togetherFirst take out our yellow sikafoldThe base is complete with XDCan be slightly assisted with a utility knifeThen fold the green Dandy paper in halfTake out long ruler and compassCompass measures a radius of about 12 cmDraw circles on paperCut offOn the same centerDraw a circle with a radius of 1 cmAfter drawingFold the circle in halfCut with a utility knifeYou get two semi circlesTake out 8 open white cardboardMeasure a radius of 13 cm with a compassDraw circles on white paperCut offSame on the same circle centerMarked locationTake out the compassDraw a circle with a radius of 1 cmOn the same centerUse a utility knife to carefully cut our small circleThe turntable is completeTake out the base and turntableAfter measuring the positionDraw small circles where appropriateAnd the position of the side wheel.Then carefully cut out our small circle of 1 cm radiusTake out the green remaining paperMeasure a circle with a radius of 2 cmDraw on paperCut offOn the same centerDraw a circle with a radius of 1 cmDraw 4 diagonal lines on the circle with a pencilCut along the diagonalFold both sidesTake out our turntableFold both sides into a V shapeStuffed into our 1 cm circleWill run out like this with a bowGlue on the other sideTake out our baseTry turning the turntable into a small hole in the baseTry it outCut our turntable position after OKYou can cut a straight lineThis makes it easier to turn the dialAssemble the turntable into the substrateTest it and see if it worksOK after that take out our green semicircleAccording to the one-centimeter semicircle just drawnCut out an arcUse double-sided tape on our substrateBe careful not to stick it to the turntableWant to skip himAfter you're done writingHere is the word on the blackboardSo you can create freelyAnything you want to writeAfter we 』re done, let ’s wipe the paintbrushThe part of the eraser on the right is responsible for erasing the partAfter drawing the eraser we cut it outTake out the cutting pad in the middle and cut it slightly with a utility knifeJust insert your hand like thisAs if holding a wipeGlue the part of the hand to the bottom of the other semicircleTake out the substrate and apply glue to the organPaste our semicircle on the organTest it and see if it worksThe next part is the decorationTake a piece of white paperAfter cutting the sizeDraw another circle of 12 cm radius on green paperAfter cuttingOn the premise of covering handsFold upCut outCut out our semicircleThe smaller onePainted on our white paperThen cut offAfter cutting, stick our upper part to the baseFold the lower partCut offTry to see if it worksTrace the shape of the lower half circleStick to avoid that partHere I decorated with paper tapeCut out the excessDraw a dollCut offStick under the handThis way our card is 80% completeNext is the final decorationWe put some small stickers next toThe parts inside are covered with yellow paperThen stick it with scotch tapeCut off the excessFinally write a signature messagePut on some stickersThe whole card is done.Everyone in the class writes a big Teacher's Day cardGive it to the hard teachersLike this videoPlease click a likeSalsa wishes happy teachers day to all the teachersIf you want to continue to follow, welcome to subscribe to Sasa's channelSee you next timeBai Bai

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10 minutes to learn super eye-catching graduation card

Fold 2 sheets of black A4 paper in halfOne side with double-sided tapeAdhere the other A4 paper opening inwardWhite A4 p...

Teacher's Day big card sent together in those years

Hello everyoneWelcome to salsa hand made i m salsaTeacher s Day is comingLet s make a Teacher s Day card togetherFirst t...

Welcome to Word 2013 Basic CourseToday

Hello! I m Teacher JolingWelcome to Word 2013 Basic CourseToday I 』m going to learn patterns and printing, and review th...


For centuries, delicious and popular Japanese cuisine, the C...

Today we invited Grand elder's student (Po Sui, Grand Chief of Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town)Teach the recipe of "Non-stick royal egg pudding." (osmanthus egg)50g starch, 60g sugar5 YolksAny salt while stirringNeither salt or sesame oilFirst, add sugar to the well-stirred yolksAdd water to dissolve the starchKeep stirring, carefully check the color of yolksKeep stirringAdd about 250g waterWhat's the perfect state?yellow is best, improper stirring result in the ivory colorWe need to hold a bit viscositybut too thick is also not desired.Much thinner than rice pasteHow do you deal with the yolk bubbles(Carefully pick out the bubbles by stick)Let's start.

Preheat the pot then add oil(lubricating the pot with oil)Great workNiceCheck the oil temperature. (small oil bubbles on the surface without smoke)Then pour the yolk. Check fire states.Keep small flameUse the small flame to warm the potCarefully stirringPerfect viscosityWhat means Non-stick?

Proper viscosity result in non-stick with both the pot and the cooker at the beginningThe best osmanthus egg non-stick with the teeth, the plate, and the tableware when servedPut pot out of the flame to cool down a little bitAdd some oil to lubricate the surface of osmanthus eggBe patientUse ladleScratch the yolk left on the side of the potYolk on the side may produce black particlesA simple pathYou can transfer osmanthus egg to another potafter the shape of osmanthus egg fixedThis time we use only one potThe most pivotal and the hardest partis the beginning partScratch osmanthus egg from the side of the pot completelyin case of burnt particlesBe patient at the beginningOsmanthus egg may be separated in several parts at the beginningand get together as cookingYou can use kitchen paper wipe out the osmanthus egg left on the sidePrevent burnt partsBecause we want our osmanthus egg clean and prettyNow we can step in the next stageAdd a little bit oil to lubricate the osmanthus eggEggs perfume is outEssentially scrambled egg with sugar(Laugh)Now you seeAll parts start to stick togetherSlowly push ladle and use oil lubricate the surface of osmanthus eggPush forward instead of back and forwardCare about the splash oildo not splash oil on others too(Keep pushing)Good jobJust like osmanthus egg dance in the potLeave the pot out of the flame to prevent overheatCooldown a little bit and add oilWipe and keep pushingIt is hot, right?Not at allI'm enjoying the processIf you mind I turn off the air condition?MercyThat's crucialAlmostAdd a small amount of oilto lubricate the osmanthus egg's surfacePerfect osmanthus egg result in glittering surfaceThe secret is patientGradually add a small amount of oil several timesAdd too much oil result in the split of osmanthus eggStill sticky with the ladleKeep pushinguntil the osmanthus egg becomes "non-stick"Grand elder really a cooking masterThat why I called "grand elder". (smile)the osmanthus egg surface begins dry outadd some oil to lubricate the surfaceWarning: The splash oil is hot, keep safedon't let the oil splash on youWhat's kind of sugar we use?

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Icing sugar or other white sugarBut caster sugar dissolve slowly than icing sugarBe patientSpeed up pushingThis dish test the patient and endurance of the cookThe pushing process takes about 10 minI keep pushing the osmanthus egg during this 10 minAlmost non-stickStick osmanthus egg is not desiredFinal pushUsually, the osmanthus egg won't stick on the plateBut you can spread some oil on the plate to prevent the osmanthus egg stick on your platePerfectGood jobGrand elder first!That non-stickStick neither on the chopstick nor plateWhen chewwon't stick on your teethThat the famous "non-stick royal egg pudding" (osmanthus egg)Hope you can cook your own osmanthus eggThanks for watchingI'm the grand elderI'm the second elderI'm the third elderWe are LaofanguWe honor to teach friends cookingShare some tips and secretsHope you can enjoy this video just like enjoy the dishesDon't forget to subscribe usWish you all the best

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Spending Less within the Airport terminal terminal - Hong Kong Budget TravelComprised of three primary islands, Hong Kong offers a range of sights and...


Suspended decompression backpack, detailed explanation, the ...

Today, I will introduce a bag that I think is coolNew brand in TaiwanBURONThey also did very well in fundraising.Then let's take a quick look at every detail of itFirst of all, you see this whole square shapeI think it ’s so beautiful to carry itYou can see how he felt on his backAnd he was very handsome on his back.Very neat because his entire line is more founderLet ’s go straight to see the best and most exciting part of his bag.We will take a lookof courseHe has a lot of detailsBut let ’s see him firstThis function is really for everyThose who have studied photography are a great thingThis grid layerWe used to put lenses and camerasAre very convenientNow cameras are getting smaller and smallerThe lens is getting smaller and smallerThen you are not a professional photographerSeparation like thisIn fact, when you organize and store things,It's also a great and useful thingAnd because when you openYou do n』t have to flip all the way from top to bottomIt can be opened directly to pick what you wantWhat's the bestIts design is very smartThat is, when opened from aboveYou can see it is two great storage spacesIn other wordsUsually when you take things and collect thingsVery convenientIt has two places that are completely divided.

And the net allows you to fix thingsSo in terms of storageIt's almost perfect this sizeOf course you would like to sayWhere do I put my computerUsually carrying this bag will definitely bring a computerLet everyone take a look at its computer designComputer bag designsideAnd this side of its computer bag has thickenedThis piece is quite thickSo you can protect your computer very wellYour laptop will go in from hereIt can put down a 15-inch laptop without problemsAnd its size is just rightThen you would say that you accidentally fall out when you put it inDon't worry about something to protect hereAfter you put inIt does not fall out easilyLaptop and main storageJust these two thingsAlready made me very temptedAnd I really like this bagBut it does n』t stop there.You can look at the strap on the backThis is their patented technology is an air cushion decompression strapThen they sold this strap separately beforeBut this time he made him directly on this bagSo it is equivalent to say that this bag has various BURON technologiesWhat about this decompression suspension bag?I have tried to carry a few grapefruits.Anyway, I stuffed a lot of stuffThen stuffed some hard drivesLet's test that it really makes your shoulders a lot more comfortableJust it won't you feel something hold you backOf course you still feel a little bit of weightYou can't completely feel the weight because of gravityBut the point is that this bagWhen it's pressing on your shoulderYou do n』t think it feels leI think this is a very important functionHere comes their raincoatI said I'm in TaiwanI really need a raincoat very muchBecause your bag material is waterproof againThere must be a seam on the side of the carEven if he uses re-waterproof materialsWater may run inSo only raincoats can be truly waterproofWhen you carry a very expensive computer in your bagVery expensive cameraOnly this waterproof raincoatTo really protect your 3C products.

There is a small bag over hereLets you cache the part aboveThen there is a cache bag on the sideThat is to open from hereYou can take the bottommost thingThen on the other side there is a cached storage bagYou can put a kettle next to the cardOk do you think i'm donenot yetIt also has a cool featureI have tried to speak as quickly as possible. It has too many functions.I'm afraid you don't have the patience to finish readingFinallyThis front panelIs detachableI think this design is really coolIt should have more different types of panels in the futureLet's remove this front panel firstBy the wayYou see so many zippersYou will definitely thinkdryWhat to do if the zipper is brokenDon't worry it's all YKKSo very durableYKK can be regarded as another light of TaiwanAfter removing its panelYou can change this extra toilet bagThis toiletry bag hasSuper multiple layers of various nets and then hooksThen there is another layer to storeIs a big bag for toiletAfter adding this thing, its capacity can be upgraded again.It ’s just a snap on the zipperOne zipper on the headJust lock itThen there is a zipper hereI should n』t take this close-up for everyone to seeAnyway, it's full.

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Just put it on with a zipperJust put it in like you pull the coatSo it's pulled upThen put this into this postComplete this modificationThen you have another toilet bag and more spaceThen you can adjust according to your needsSometimes just in the city you do n』t need that much spaceJust use this thinIf you say that when you travel abroadYou can add another toiletry bagThe available space will become much moreThis is the quick unboxing of today's BURON backpackI probably found that I was speaking quickly and urgentlyBecause it has so many featuresI'm afraid I'll slowly talk about this video and take too longLet me quickly let you know the basic detailsThere are also many details we will be in our unboxing articleLet ’s take a photo one by oneOverall I really think it is aVery practical and very nice size bagThen you can see the actual back feeling and appearance on our screenIt is neither too heavyBut its capacity is very sufficientCan put your camera on your computerSo overallI really think it is a bag that is highly recommended for everyoneOkay then like thisBreak with both handsThis is how it feels when wearing this strapI feel pretty goodThis feels a bit canvasrecommendBy the way recommend this strapStay tuned for our next episode of review out of the boxWe will talk about the function of detailAnd real feelingsRemember to lock the GUSHA channelBreak with both handsit is goodI think the screen film on my frontI won't tear itBut everyone can take a lookThis whole golden feelBecause we only have blue gloves on siteYou can ignore itThe golden treatment of the entire borderStill very beautifulI think girls are really invincible to take goldIt really is on youA very, very dazzling accessoryYou can see the processing of its lens frameBecause it uses shiny glassSo this block of itIt actually looks like a sense of transparencySo the whole light color feelsThis piece of glass looks a lot like transparentIt feels different from darkThis is a dark feelingThis is goldenGreen partAlthough its frame is said to be metalBut because of the green colorNo way to show golden textureBut we see on the golden topIts golden circle is very obviousI can only say expensiveReally expensiveGold is very expensiveI think golden is like thisThe first one is perfect for girlsThe second is that it has a boutique feelIs it with your LV bag or Hermes bagWhen I put it together, I felt very goodAnd in fact many girls mayThere is no way to buy such an expensive bagBut i believeBuy a phone with more than 40,000 piecesStill more practicaliPhone 11 of courseCompare the colors of young girlsIf you are a girl with a young heartI think it ’s more youthful11 is also OKIn the next episode, we will help you out of the box.New colors for iPhone 11Purple and greenit is goodThis is probably how it feels to be goldenProbably like thisToday's speed is out of the box.We will arrange a series ofiPhone 11 ProAll Pro Max ReviewsIncluding cameraIncluding what the screen looks likeIncluding its accessoriesIncluding every feature of itAnd iOS 13 ReviewsSo remember to lock our GUSHA channelWe will do our bestThe best related iPhone reviews for everyoneOk that's itBreak with both handsThis year should be a lot of people going from iPhone 6S PlusSwitch to the latest iPhone 11 ProLet's take a look at the weightThe difference with its entire feelActually when the iPhone 6S PlusWeighs only 192 gramsActually starting with XS MaxThe weight is increased a lotIn fact, it feels quite obvious when you hold it in your handThe thickness has also increasedThis 220gBy this year's iPhone 11Has reached 223 gramsSo is it possible that it will get heavier?I don't think soIts weight should be controlled atWithin this rangeMaybe it will find a wayMake it thinnerAs for the whole feel,I think the difference is actually small.

Just say iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS MaxSlightly thickerBut it is using the aboveOperation and feelI don't think it's much worseThe only difference may be that this piece was originallyThere is no picture on the iPhone 6S PlusThere will be pictures nowAs for the first half,I think there is no differenceBut you can see when you are displayingScreen in upper halfBut for your fingerWhether it's 6S Plus or XS MaxYou do n』t need to use the top of the screenBut the following one became usefulBecause there was nothing in this piece beforeNow this piece becomes oneNew operating spaceSo I thinkAfter upgrading to a full screen phoneExcept when you use it horizontallyYou can watch videos or play video more comfortablyThis is the original horizontalOutside it is actually belowYou also added a clearer areaIt's not hard to see whyiPhone dares to make such a ugly fringeDo on topBecause in fact the top is the new one and the old oneIn fact, there is no visionFor users, the failure to achieve full screenI do n』t think it ’s very disturbing.Just make it look goodSo I think it's okProbably shortCompare the iPhone 6S PlusWith iPhone 11 Pro MaxFeeling picked up on the handI believe many people want to see this pictureBecause this year, many people should start from this branch.Replace thisit is goodThat's itBreak with both hands

New accommodation will become a laboratory for future hoteliers In Hong Kong

The newly opened hotel near Tsim Sha Tsui East in Hong Kong on September 21 is truly unique.The Hotel ICON is owned by the Hong Kong Polytechnic Unive...

compare to Scotch Whisky which have a very unique tasteThis one is more standard and soft.

Finally arrived Yoichi DistilleryIt s not that crowd, but very windyLucky it s not that cold, I still managed itYeah! Finally I am hereLet me find o...

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But while you re in Amsterdam is legal so you can do itOh oulalalahaving a good time? yeayeaHe s fast he s fast nno hands?NoHey, when you stop biki...


New accommodation will become a laboratory for future hoteliers In Hong Kong

The newly opened hotel near Tsim Sha Tsui East in Hong Kong on September 21 is truly unique.

The Hotel ICON is owned by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and helps to educate students in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. But this is not a bare facility. Top architects and designers such as Terence Conran and Vivienne Tam were hired to create restaurants and suites, and the general manager came to the hotel from the Shangri-La Luxury Hotel Group.

With private member restaurants, open-air swimming pools and Angsana Spa, hotel guests may never realize that they are part of their learning experience. However, the school's 100 interns will receive on-the-job training and guidance together with professional hotel staff.

hong kong hotel family room - Camlux Hotel offers spacious family rooms for up to three guests.

In order to promote the future development of the hotel, three of the 262 rooms are prototype rooms that will be completed soon, which will contain products and components from three research areas: design, innovation and lifestyle. During check-in, guests will be asked if they want to stay in one of the rooms (if any) to help "test drive" the room equipped with the concept of PolyU Design School and new technologies such as web teaching mirrors, interactive computers, etc. Smart mirror that connects to the Internet and displays news, weather, and other information. The guest promises to fill out the questionnaire in the future. The prices of these rooms are the same as ordinary rooms-this is a for-profit hotel-the data collected will be used in school research.

Just oneNo more seats hereTake away only at the momentExcuse me

(Beijing Railway Station)Now we are in Beijing Railway Station.This isMy travel partner in the following 17 days.He has a fitness WeChat official acco...

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Hi everyone i m axiongThe last show took everyone to see Marysville northeast of MelbourneThen a friend said, Marysville is too far awayIs it relativ...

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This is water lilies, never had it before14 days around Taiwan Part 1 Arriving in Taipeiraining everydaywe re at the Raohe St. night xafs2 + 9 hour...

Suspended decompression backpack, detailed explanation, the king of storage in the city

Today, I will introduce a bag that I think is coolNew brand in TaiwanBURONThey also did very well in fundraising.Then let s take a quick look at ever...





















Hoeslandt 的原奶均產自紐西蘭天然放養的乳牛,當地是無禽流感、無瘋牛症、無口蹄疫和低PM2.5的奶源國


  為什麼可以開始考慮夜間牛奶的年齡4-6個月?首先,對於3個月以下的小孩,他們基本上睡覺除了吃飯,沒有白天和黑夜的概念,足以讓寶寶吃飽。營養方面,3個月內嬰兒應按需喂養,不要刻意戒掉夜間牛奶。寶寶已經3個月大了,他們的喂養間隔會逐漸變長,而且他們會逐漸開始有能力睡5到6個小時,所以媽媽不必擔心寶寶會不會餓了晚上。 。

Hoeslandt 的原奶均產自紐西蘭天然放養的乳牛,當地是無禽流感、無瘋牛症、無口蹄疫和低PM2.5的奶源國































  2,注意勞逸結合。許多女性說女性的身份每天都很難生活,但女孩畢竟是女孩,所以如果你感到疲倦,你應該知道如何正確休息,給自己一個小小的假期,並呼吸新鮮空氣。 。










  有分析人士認為,隨著摩根士丹利資本國際宣布A股擴張和資金繼續北上,國家外彙管理局已將QFII總額度從1500億美元擴大到3000億美元。下一步,更多的外國投資者將進入,並帶來更多的增量資本,也就是說,更多的股票將有可能觸及外國所有權的上限 期權交易

















革命性最新美容科技,助你全面提升肌膚質素,改善皮膚乾燥質素、粗糙不平等問題,重拾健康亮澤肌膚。ageLOC LumiSpa,特有銀離子抗菌矽膠導頭,持續使用,從根源改善皮膚 質素,激活年輕細胞,讓你輕鬆展現健康盈潤美肌。


現在你只需要洗臉便可深層清潔 皮膚,達到美容護膚功效,讓你時刻擁有盈潤亮澤如新肌膚。全新美容機ageLOC LumiSpa能深入毛孔,配合新動煥膚露,有效清潔毛孔內的污垢,大大提升清潔感與光澤度,令皮膚更年輕緊緻。


療程用嘅係韓國KFDA 認證liftera v 無針埋線儀器,係利用專利醫療級聚焦超轚波,透過連續嘅能量輸出,係真皮層及肌腱膜(SMAS)造成隱形能量線。


想細面但怕痛,又驚做傳統埋線瘦面會有副作用嘅,可以試試 Liftera V-Lift 隔空無針埋線線療程喔!

















股票市場有漲有跌,在大盤持續漲的時候我們一般稱呼為bull xafs,也就是我們常說的牛市,在大盤持續跌的時候我們一般稱呼為Bear xxx,既為熊市認股權證是股票市場常見的術語,持有某公司證券的人有權力向發行人購買股票。



  此外,網絡信貸平台大量的信用貸款風險控制信用風險的識別方面應該更廣泛。平平慧和Fei Fei已經使用了中央銀行的信用報告制度。目前,網絡借貸平台不能直接聯系起來。上海信貸也是有用的,但使用較少。第三方數據也有相同的屏蔽、100榮和冰劍、銀行卡認證、黑名單、銀行卡使用神州榮、手機電話、地址信息驗證優勢等。此外,和平普惠用於平安的保險政策,等等,使用騰訊QQ,WeChat數據等應用場景。


以最優惠的人民幣兌換率(RMB exchange rate)為你提供各種兌換服務。無論是美元兌人民幣、人民幣兌美元,或是港元等其他貨幣都一應俱全。









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